Sunday, July 20, 2008

The going forth...

I haven't posted here for a while, partly due to the busy schedule and partly because I've been sick. Unfortunately I wasn't well enough to attend the evening vigil at Randwick, but got to go in on Sunday morning for the Final Mass which was good. Now our whole group is back at the Schoenstatt centre for the international youth festival on Tuesday. It's time to do a round up of the week and I have no idea where to start. There are so many things to say that it's nearly impossible to write them all down.
Firstly, I agree completely with the M.C.'s description - amazing and unbelievable. It's really hard to describe the World Youth Day experience in words. Although people had little sleep and long walks, no one really minded. The Pope really enthused the young people and gave a message of hope for Australia in particular.
The highlight of the week for many people was the Stations of The Cross. This beautiful and reverent depiction of our Lord's Passion and death really made a great impression on those watching.
I won't attempt to go into more detail with regards to WYD right now, as I'm still trying to sort out everything in my own mind after the hectic events of the past few days. It has been a wonderful experience for all, and the hard work of thousands of volunteers really paid off with everything running very smoothly (even the weather was perfect!) So congratulations to all who helped make this an unforgettable week in the history of Australia, and hope to see you in 3 years time in Madrid!

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  1. You poor thing!! What did you have- we've heard of Gastritis, influenza, pneumonia, and mass hysteria. It was probably the latter:D
    I assume you'll leave Sydney on Wednesday?
    God Bless!


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