Monday, July 14, 2008

It's happening!

Well, we've finally reached the first day of wyd, and what a day it's been! Sydney is bustling with pilgrims - walk down the street and literally half the people you see will be wearing the bright orange wyd backpacks. Some estimates even predict more than the 225000 initially expected.
The opening Mass went well, although a few technical glitches occurred with the media operations that I only picked up on because of my media experience. Cardinal Pell had a very encouraging speech, and Mr. Rudd presented a typical spin in which he acclaimed the role of the Catholic Church in the shaping of our current culture and government.
As expected our group had some difficulty moving around (over 30 people), but in the end we got VIP seats at the opening Mass which was good.
Overall the wyd events have gone very well so far. Were all pretty exhausted after walking but looking forward to the next few days.
In reply to a comment posted here (thanks btw!), I dont normaly wear the scarf, but i wear a dark blue pullover with the word Australia on the front and a red beanie when cold. My group also shouts Viva Schoenstatt and Aussie Aussie Aussie when Australian groups come in sight.

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